Let’s build something amazing together.

Elevated is a content marketing studio specializing in creative writing and end-to-end production for podcasts, video, and other digital media. We develop world-class content marketing strategies and assets for the electronics and IT industries, among others.

We deliver large-scale content and branding programs for Fortune50 companies like Comcast as well as small businesses. Elevated consults to Sony Pictures and Netflix on hit television series. And our work has been optioned to HBO and featured on NPR’s This American Life, All Things Considered, The Howard Stern Show, and more. As for podcasts, we have launched, produced, engineered, and staffed numerous enterprise podcasts.
In the tech sector, we produce resonant content for engineers, by engineers. From videos to case studies to interactive content hubs, original content from Elevated Studio informs, influences, and inspires engineers and executives.

Our principal and CEO, Dave Finch, is a twenty-year veteran of the electronics industry. His work has appeared on Netflix, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS, NPR, SiriusXM, The Howard Stern Show, The New York Times, O The Oprah Magazine, Scientific American, Rolling Stone, and others.

Customers include Comcast, Netflix, Sony, STMicroelectronics, EETech Media, Simon & Schuster (a CBS company) and more.

Video, film, and podcast production.

Visual Storytelling

Effective online video has been proven to drive conversions on e-commerce platforms and increase lead density. Elevated Studio’s rich background in video & podcast production spans commercial, corporate, and entertainment genres. Our producers, writers, directors, animators, and editors are career filmmakers with 10 to 40 years’ experience in producing original video content.

Audial Storytelling

Elevated Studio provides end-to-end development and production of podcast series for enterprises. That means concept development, writing, editing, production, scheduling, hosting, and branding, all in a cost-optimized and proven model.

Corporate Narrative Videos

It’s important for brands to look like what they say they are. A solid corporate video can be leveraged at investor meetings, trade shows, internal events, and throughout social media. That’s why corporate narrative videos should be written, shot, scored, and produced with Hollywood sensibility.

This example was produced to feel like a short documentary.

Product Intros

With an ultra-streamlined production process, Elevated Studio produces product introduction spots very quickly and affordably, while maintaining the highest production standards. These assets are proven to drive page views, time on page, and conversions.

Commercial & Advertising

Sometimes it’s better to keep it short and simple. Dave wrote and produced this video for Renesas to help amplify their acquisition of Intersil.

Human Impact

The purpose of technology is to improve our quality of life. Human impact videos from Elevated Studio capture the ultimate benefits of technology.

Podcast as a Service

Elevated Studio provides end-to-end development and production of podcast series for enterprises. That means concept development, writing, editing, production, scheduling, hosting, and branding, all in a cost-optimized and proven model.

Prior to starting Elevated Studio, we created and launched EE|Times On Air, the flagship enterprise podcast for AspenCore. EE|Times On Air was ranked #1 Electronics Podcast in 2019 by FeedSpot, based on popularity and influence.

Branded content development.

Engineers are like deer: if you chase one, you will never catch him. Similarly, if your marketing strategy is to chase after the engineer, she will run away. Create a nurturing ecosystem, however, and the engineer will come to you over and over again.

Elevated Studio helps enterprises tell their story. We partner with rigorously vetted technical copywriters in every region and throughout the electronics industry to make sure your content is technically superior and easy to read, for engineers and executives alike.

Case Studies
Share successful use cases of Avnet system solutions, using positive partner/supplier testimonials and interactive content. Highly effective lead-capture assets.
Technical Articles & Whitepapers
White-label, end-to-end copywriting and editing for your brand. Technical articles and whitepapers help to establish and reinforce thought leadership.
Combine multiple articles into a single document. Excellent sales enabler.
Foundational Messaging
Brand messaging must be consistent. Elevated Studio helps companies build a foundational messaging framework to inform and standardize all copywriting activities throughout the enterprise.

Graphic Design and Interactive Experiences

Elevated Studio’s graphic designers bring to the table more than 100 years of expertise in visual design, brand identity, UX/UI, print, and website development. From display banners to deeply immersive HTML5 experiences, from booth graphics to interactive touchscreen kiosks, we have Avnet covered.

Interactive Infographics
Convey tremendous amounts of information, from the highest-level message down to the atomic technical details, in a single SEO-friendly asset. Your audience can parse the information at their own pace.
Touch Displays
Interactive kiosks engage customers, amplify your suppliers' stories, and drive leads at industry events.
Landing Pages
Equip your salespeople and marketers with the most relevant information at a glance. We develop landing pages to collect traffic, generate leads, and drive conversions.
Online Learning
Deeply technical, online short-courses developed by engineers for engineers, presented in an interactive HTML5 environment.

Let’s build something amazing together.

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