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ELEVATEDSTUDIO brings new stories to life and new life to stories. Our clients include Netflix, Sony Pictures Television, Comcast, and others. Principal and CEO Dave Finch has collaborated with The New York Times, Rolling Stone, O The Oprah Magazine, NPR’s This American Life and All Things Considered, NBC, WGN, The Modern Love Podcast, HBO, and more.

UNIQUELY HUMAN Audio Book Mood Board

Sound Design

OPTION A – Narration Over Music (The Fancy-Pants Option)

  1. Thematically supportive music bed for the opening and closing credits. In this case, I’ve chosen a playful jazz-drum solo because Barry is a life-long drummer. The absence of melody supports a clean presentation of narrative.
  2. Chapter transitions are indicated by ambient instrumental music passages that fade beneath the narrator. In this example, I’ve chosen lofi jazz selections.
  3. Global / perpetual-use license would be necessary for all music selections. Elevated Studio can provide music beds for off-shore markets.

OPTION B – Narration With Idents

  1. Simple ident bed beneath opening and closing credits.
  2. Unique idents for chapter transitions, fading out before narration begins.
  3. Idents are appended to the prior chapter, or prepended to the current chapter.
  4. Global / perpetual-use license would be necessary for all idents.

OPTION C – Narration Only, No Additional Sound

  1. Silent credits, silent chapter transitions.

Narrator Pacing

OPTION A – Unedited Pacing

  1. No edits to Barry’s pacing as he reads, except for extended periods of silence (longer than approximately 2 seconds)
  2. Those familiar with Barry’s natural cadence will find it natural-sounding
  3. Saves time in post-production, slows the pacing of the book to a slight extent

OPTION B – Shortened Silences

  1. Silences longer than 500 milliseconds are shortened to 500 milliseconds (the maximum period of allowed silence can be extended or reduced)
  2. Inter-sentence transitions feel more abrupt, less natural
  3. Adds time to post-production, accelerates the pacing of the book noticeably