Elevated Studio combines EE expertise with high-end production capabilities for stunning video and film assets.

Product Brief Video

STMicroelectronics USBLC6-2SC6 ESD Suppressors for High-Speed Interfaces

This product brief video was used in an e-commerce campaign for a leading global distributor of components. It was scripted, animated, scored, and edited in a single day, thanks to the production methodology developed by Elevated Studio.

Metric Result
Page Views +56%
Avg. Time on Page 04:03
Entrances +41%
Bounce Rate -15%
Page Value 352%

Product Brief Video

STMicroelectronics STPS1H100A

This video format is extremely effective for generating traffic, improving bounce rates, and boosting e-commerce sales. This particular Schottky product video decreased bounce rate by 60% and increased page value by 173% within just a few weeks.

Product Brief Video

STMicroelectronics TDA749x Class-D Amplifiers

One of the most important considerations for product videos is how well the asset can scale. Elevated Studio produces product brief videos by part number as well as by family, enabling our clients to deploy a single video asset across thousands of product pages.

Product Brief Video

Silicon Labs Pearl Gecko Development Kit

Just as effective as component videos are these development kit product briefs.

Extended Product Video

ebmpapst Motion Control Solutions

While product brief videos are merely teasers, extended videos such as this can lend the customer or salesperson a deep-dive into the product or solution.

Cinematic Product Video

OPKIX ONE – The Future of Personal Video

For disruptive product introductions demanding high-profile assets, Elevated Studio partners with leading 3D motion graphics artists to produce next-level visual stories.